Funny Cartoon Characters Faces and Memes


Childhood is a book with versatile chapters filled with fun, joy, chocolates, school, and watching our favorite funny cartoon characters. 

The most beloved thing of any of us would be funny looking cartoon characters which we used to see and learn life lessons from them in a funny way like

  • how to be honest with other
  • how to be humble in life 
  • how to overcome problems in life

All the famous cartoon characters are still popular among today’s children generation as they are the best way to spend time as a child. 

Funny looking cartoon characters

Funny Looking Cartoon Characters

Cartoons have been shining brightly and bringing joy to the lives of children for ages. Since the past, several writers and producers have been making so many classic pieces of art that it seems impossible to create a definitive and firm list of the best funny cartoon characters on TV. 

Therefore, these funny looking cartoon characters deserve to be voted, ranked and debated on social media platforms. For this, they should be rated based on 

  1. TV history
  2. Funny cartoon character faces
  3. Crazy animated shows
  4. Iconic
  5. voices, and many more

Superheroes from the cartoon world

Every child in their childhood loves to idealize some funny cartoon characters they follow and want to be like them. Today, many cartoon characters have expanded beyond their cartoon origins into other media.

However, cartoons have continuously been updated into the list of favorites by taking into account the following factors:

  1. Cultural influence
  2. Relatability
  3. Animated humans
  4. Funny cartoon character faces
  5. Animated animals and vegetables and many more. 
Best Funny Cartoon Characters

Top 10 funny cartoon characters

Here are the complete details of cartoon characters, either originating from back issues comics or showing themselves. This top 10 list is to be updated frequently as the world of cartoons changes dramatically every year. 

Let’s talk about best ranked ten famous cartoon characters that everyone in this world is aware of from their childhood:

  1. Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry
  • Created in 1940
  • Created by William Hanna
  • The first show was named ‘Evening fun.’

The show tom and jerry need no introduction as it’s the most popular and furious character of all time. Tomcat is very much loved by children due to its annoying acts, while jerry is famous for his smartness and cuteness.

Physical appearance

  1. Tom has bluish-grey color while jerry with rusty brown skin
  2. Tom is 4 feet in height while jerry of 1.5 feet in height
  3. Tom has a long tail while Jerry is a rat animated character having a small tail


Tom and Jerry’s funny cartoon characters made people laugh with silly fights and chasing each other all over the series. Most of their episodes are based on Tom chasing Jerry for his meal. 

In addition, they are one of the best scene-stealers’ TV has ever known due to the versatile content delivered to the audience. Tom is shown passive, quick to anger, while Jerry is shown active, loving peace. 

Message by Tom and Jerry

Tom saved Jerry apart from their silly fights whenever Jerry rat was in trouble. They both have given the message to viewers to spread love through these funny cartoon characters, even if irritated with anyone in person. 

  1. Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)
Bugs and Bunny
  • Created in 1938
  • Created by Tex Avery
  • Voice by Mel Blanc

Bugs bunny is one of the cutest animated cartoon characters. It was produced by the staff of Leon Schlesinger Productions (later Warner Bros). In the original cartoon Bugs, Bunny played the role of a comedian.

Physical appearance

  1. Cheerful grey colored bunny
  2. Big white teeth
  3. Big bare feet
  4. Clever minded


This funny cartoon character is known for his carefree and flippant personality. The bugs bunny was always happy and known as a happy rabbit. 

In addition, carrots were his favorite food, and his sharp and clever mind always shocks others. In the laughter world, he is famously known as the George Carlin.

Message by Bugs bunny

The message forwarded by bugs bunny to children worldwide was to be happy in all situations that anyone faces in his life. 

  1. SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Voiced by Tom Kenny
  • The first serial name was ‘Help wanted’ on May 1, 1999
  • Noteworthy characteristic

It is a fictional character in American animated television series. That was created back in 1999 by Stephen Hillenburg, a marine educator by profession. This funny cartoon character show is about an anthropomorphic sponge who lived under the sea with his best friend, a starfish. 

Physical appearance

  1. Large funny cartoon character faces 
  2. Always wear a tie on the shirt
  3. Perfect haircut to impress others


This cartoon character is famous for his friendship and calmness with his aquatic friends. In addition, SpongeBob’s energetic and optimistic nature was also much admired by the audience. 

Furthermore, he never sees the wrong angle of things that helped him go to many fabulous places. His character was just too lovely and adorable.

Message by SpongeBob

The message forwarded by SpongeBob to children all around the world was to do the right things and never let give a chance to those who would bring you down and make you feel small. 

  1. Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes)
Daffy Duck
  • Created in 1937
  • Creator was Tex Avery
  • Voice by Mel Blanc

DAFFY is very commonly seen in funny cartoon character memes. This character was modeled and designed as an anthropomorphic black duck and featured in cartoon series such as Looney Tunes.

Physical appearance

  1. Black colored duck 
  2. Long feet to jump into the water
  3. Sharp and active every time


He is one of the most famous frantic cartoons, which was just superb as children loved him because 

  • Funny characters like to be lazy, insulting, genuinely selfish
  • The timing of the cartoon was hilarious 
  • One may feel a little bad for him sometimes when he fails 

Moreover, Daffy always loved to joke, and he always used to find himself in strange situations where he was being hurt at the behest of Bugs Bunny.

Message by daffy duck

The message from this funny cartoon character was to stay entertaining and clear all the time. Another one was that don’t hurt yourself by the consequences of your silly actions. 

  1. Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse
  • Created in 1928
  • Created by Walt Disney
  • Voice by Steamboat Willie

Mickey is one of the smartest and funny cartoon characters, having a loveable sense of mischief. In addition, his similar identity carries his legacy as the mascot of Disney. In addition, Mickey is famous for his excellent character and stubborn attitude toward others.

Physical appearance

  1. Black and white skin color
  2. Always wear a hat 
  3. Longtail 


Mickey mouse funny cartoon character faces has long been at the center of marketing plans. Many restaurants have utilized a character waring mickey’s dressing for attracting customers. 

His girlfriend’s name was Minnie Mouse, who had a pet dog, Pluto. The first show of these cartoons was a beloved icon for children worldwide, evidenced by the billions of dollars it earned. 

Message by Mickey mouse

Mickey has always inspired people to love their friends and close ones. In addition, staying honest with people was his Suo moto throughout the series. 

  1. Scooby-Doo
  • Created in 1969
  • Created by Hanna-Barbera, an American animation company
  • Voice by Ken Spears

It is one of the most famous funny cartoon characters due to its curiosity about solving puzzles and supernatural mysteries while making people laugh with its crazy styles simultaneously.

These cartoons show includes five teenagers along with their bongo-playing dogs. Every episode contains a penultimate scene in which heroes unmask the Willian to reveal a real person hidden in a mysterious costume. 

Physical appearance

  1. Dressed up like a detective
  2. Brown from head to toe with black spots on upper body
  3. Heightened dog with long tail


Scooby doo was a natural detective who amazed people by solving mysteries more easily than humans. Kids love to watch it because of its unique character as a detective. 

Message by Scooby-Doo

Children’s life lessons from the funny cartoon characters of Scooby-Doo cartoons are to be confident and aware of evil things in society. Also, children learned how to detect cases and solve mysteries. 

  1. Pinky and The Brain
Pinky and The Brain
  • The first show of this page was displayed on 2010
  • Created by John Elizbeth
  • Voice by Ken Spears mimicker 

Pinky is a funny female cartoon character based on astonishment from My Little Pony. She remarkably signifies the component of amusement and joy. In addition, she is incredible in character but uncertain to some extent. 

Many funny cartoon characters are based on the concept of this master show. Pinky often used children’s jokes, biting stares, and fantastic animations and acts that could be enjoyed by grown-ups and children alike. 

Physical appearance

  1. She used to wear a lab coat 
  2. Long pink sharptail
  3. Large hears to listen to others


These cartoons were famous because they overtook other serials due to their smooth and safe content. All new generations’ children can also fall in love with the pair of Pinky and the brain.

Message by Pinky Pie

Friendship should be long-lasting, and every friend should show respect and love for others in every life situation.  

  1. Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson
  • Created in 1987
  • Created by Matt Groening
  • Voiced by Dan Castellaneta

His full name was Homer Jay Simpson, a fictional character of an American animated sitcom. He was the first to make people laugh at children without speaking even a word by playing the role of dumb cartoon dad.

Physical appearance

  1. Bald; no hair on the head
  2. Always pretend to be a safety inspector
  3. Carries tools of nuclear technician


Homer’s favorite color is blue, and he loves to dance, eat donuts, hug friends, drive a car, play piano, and enjoy horse riding. All these made him one of the famous funny cartoon characters.

Furthermore, his funny cartoon characters memes are still prevalent on social media nowadays. His personality possesses and deserves much more than making him one of the most humorous characters of all time.

Message by Homer

He never let himself down and always advised his fellow mates to keep calm and try until they succeeded. Children should get motivation through this cartoon. 

  1. Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin
  • Created by 1998
  • Created by Seth MacFarlane
  • Voiced by Seth MacFarlane 

His humor was on top of the list among all the funny cartoon characters of his time. This family guy makes mega fun through his idiocy. He was a dumb and funny character. In addition, he unexpectedly takes an unexpected new path with his plans and schemes. Moreover, Peter fails humorously, which makes massive laughter in children.

Physical appearance

  1. He appears to be in excellent health
  2. Always fashionable and stylish
  3. Heavy drinker


People liked the way Stewie used to do things and roam around the forest with his friends and fellow mates. Also, Peter was famous for his fool acts as even he doesn’t know how to color a fire truck.

Message by Peter Griffin

Always be stylish by wearing new clothes. However, one bad habit of Peter was drinking; children should not pick this habit. 

  1. Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)
Stewie Griffin
  • Created: 1999
  • Creator: Seth MacFarlane
  • Voice: Seth MacFarlane

That was among those funny cartoon characters who led TV animated series on the top. He was the youngest child of Peter and Los Griffin. He was fond of drawing and was often asked; how to draw funny cartoon characters. 

Physical appearance

  1. Always carry a teddy bear with him
  2. He loves to wear long war shoes
  3. Dark black short hairs


Whenever he drank, he got high in the sky. He was one of the best examples of funny looking cartoon characters. His friendship with his parents was exceptional.

Message from Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

Be careful and talk softly to parents even you are angry with them in any situation. Also, children should get motivated by watching these cartoons and learn to manage work-life balance from them. 


A cartoon is an animated illustration of any character, such as an animal, pet, or person. It is generally prepared humorously and funnily with a unique storyline. Undoubtedly, cartoons are every person’s favorite during childhood, and all of us can relate to various funny cartoon characters and remember the glorious childhood days. In addition, a few people also ask: How to draw funny cartoon characters easily? 

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