How to Fix Outlook Not Working in Windows 10 Issue?


Outlook is one of the most widely used business email programs. Outlook helps people manage their schedules, contacts and tasks with great convenience. Outlook displays your email content in a sidebar on the right pane of the desktop. The Outlook Notifications center lets you know when there is new mail in your inbox and when you have new mail in your inbox. Outlook works fine in Windows10 only, however, it can be used successfully on any operating system that supports Outlook.

Outlook not working in Windows 10 issue? This article will help you to fix Outlook not working in Windows 10. Outlook displays messages and email in a popup window. Sometimes this popup can get stuck or the appearance of the popup can change. To fix Outlook not opening in Windows 10 you should upgrade your operating system.

Before you do an update in Outlook, you should back up your computer first. Do not use a flash drive to backup Outlook data. Using a flash drive can cause serious damage to your computer if your computer has a problem. You can use an external drive, such as a USB thumb drive that comes with a USB port. Outlook does not need to see the flash drive as part of the update process.

After you’ve backed up your Outlook data, download and install the Outlook plug-in to your computer. Outlook requires a plug-in to read the files on your computer. Once you’ve downloaded the Outlook plug-in, close all pop up windows and then restart your computer. When you boot up again, Outlook will load all the new updates.

Fix Outlook Not Working in Windows 10

  • Outlook has two databases on your computer: 
    • Microsoft Outlook Database 
    • Windows registry.
  •  The Windows registry is very important in Outlook as it contains important data like your email subscription list and all the passwords for your Outlook account. It also holds information on your Outlook e-mail addresses. If your Windows registry becomes corrupt, Outlook will not be able to read the data in the registry.
  • To fix Outlook not opening properly in Windows10, you should update the Outlook operating system. In Windows10, there is a separate registry for programs and device drivers. To update Outlook, you should use Windows10 setup and click on the “Check For Updates” icon.
  • You can also use an online registry cleaning tool to repair the corrupt Windows registry. There are many such tools available on the Internet, but only a few work well. Before you download and install one of these tools, make sure you know what type of error you are seeing with your Outlook not working in Windows10. The most common problem is that Windows does not have enough space to store the outdated registry entries, resulting in errors. The other type of error is missing files from the Windows registry. An example of this would be when Outlook states that there are errors in the MSCONFIG file when there are no such errors.
  • Another possible reason why Outlook not working in Windows Vista or Windows XP could be because of spyware or adware. When you use Internet Explorer, it will also have spyware and adware detectors installed. To fix Outlook not loading  in Windows10, you should first uninstall Internet Explorer and then download and run a good registry cleaner tool from a website offering free scanning and repair. This will scan your PC and detect any errors, damaged parts or corrupt programs in your PC.

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