Tag Heuer Watches: An Icon in The Watch Industry


Talking about luxury watch brands, Tag Heuer will not be out of the list. They have been marking its name for over 150 years. They are continuing their job to give life to all the watch enthusiasts out there. Well, there is no doubt that many are interested and aiming to have this watch, and it remains the ideal choice. It serves its purpose of being an extraordinary and precise timepiece. 

Be it in chronographs and even in sports, the company remains an ideal watch. Having this timepiece on your wrist provides an unforgettable impact. They rule as if they’ll never give the crown to any of their counterparts. For more than a century, this brand of timepiece became the name of the Swiss Luxury Watchmaking. 

Yet a million-dollar question has landed. How did they reach the top shelf of their success? Let’s step back a little further on their history. 

History of Amazing Tag Heuer

In 1860, the watch industry debuted. Edouard Heuer was the founder of the Heuer watch company. He made a name and marked in the industry, particularly in the category of luxury watches. Well, because of their superb service, there is no doubt that they have become known in a short time.

Not talking about how Tag Heuer became a hit, as they grow to more superior watch merchandise. They became specialists under the timing of sporting events. In the 1920s, Antwerp, Paris, and Amsterdam Olympics have sported these watches. It is a good sign that they continue to grow in the industry. 

In 1933, they continued to level up the game by creating another instrument. This is mainly for automobiles and planes where this clock could run for eight days.

Thus, in the 1980s major changes have continued to level up. This continued until 1985 in which Techniques d’Avant Garde gained the company. This is the reason we call it Tag Heuer today. Despite what happened in the company, the brand never failed to impress all watch enthusiasts. They continue to serve the people without neglecting the original values of the company. 

Truly, they have witnessed these important events in the history of the company They have been part of these happenings that made a great impact in the watch industry. Years have passed, the company continued to serve their clients like how they have started. They want to keep the image they started in the industry. 

Best of the TAG Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer has invented an array of watch collections for both men and ladies. By this, they earned the attention of many watch lovers throughout the world. From the start, Tag Heuer company not only created amazing watches, but they have proven their unwavering commitment to their clients. 

Digging into what TAG Heuers could offer, here are the top watch models of the brand we might see in the market. 

  • The Aquarace

This amazing watch could beat any underwater watch we have in the market today. TAG Heuer Aquaraces could easily go under 300 meters or 1000 feet below the surface. And, it is an amazing capability that other brands of timepieces could have. 

Adding more features, this watch has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, which is not reflective. Well, because of these features, there is no doubt that this watch is one favorite of many timepiece enthusiasts today. An amazing watch that is often called Aquaracer 300 confidently rules the underwater. 

  • The Carrera 

In 1963, many had acknowledged as well as loved Carrera. This model of Tag Heuer watches best fits race car drivers as they made this watch purposely for them. This watch is amazingly one of a kind. It is the only watch that could withstand any vibrations during a race. 

Ladies also love this watch most especially those who are into speed and adventure. Its design is quenchless, which gives off a style perfect for women’s dresses. Truly a perfect watch that can conquer speed with a touch of elegance. 

  •  The Formula 1 

Looking different, many had also hooked on this watch classification. With a 44mm diameter, this gives a whole new vibe that no one had ever experienced. Though it gives off a retro approach, it also possesses a modern-day look that surely fits any situation. 

Aside from that, this watch has an amazing and one-of-a-kind shape of the chronograph of TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16. This perfectly blends in whatever outfit you will wear. Showing off how it perfectly fits anyone who wears it. It truly captures the heart of watch lovers out there. 

  • The Monaco

This watch probably is the one that many will recognize first when introduced. With its one-of-a-kind square-shaped watch, many will easily recognize it in just seconds. It is no doubt that many watch enthusiasts love Monaco. This watch is likely associated with Steve McQueen in which he wears the watch during a play entitled, Le Mans.

Considered the most famous watch in the company, TAG Heuer Monaco truly is a combination of timidity and preciseness. 

In A Nutshell

Tag Heuer watches are popular in the industry. Their humble beginnings brought them to their highest success, which is loved by many. The trust of watch enthusiasts breathed life to them, which made it their stepping stone to level up the game. And, create more amazing and unique watches for the benefit of the mass. 

It makes many watch enthusiasts amazed by what this brand of watch offers. Aside from keeping time, they serve a lot more than ordinary watches could do. Giving you more than that, it is truly a great buy that is worth the money, and you will not regret it at all.

These are just some watches that you would love to have and keep. Discover more superb watches as you dig into the company. There are more models you can find. Look for the one that perfectly fits your preference and gives you a sense of satisfaction. For more information, you may check out The Watch Company!

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