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Here are some insights on product concept testing from companies like Qualtrics. First, explain your concept in an easy-to-digest language. Avoid using technical jargon, as this may cause confusion and hesitancy for your users. Make sure your product concept is in line with the wants and needs of your target audience. Next, include a price advisor. Third, understand your customers’ needs and pain points. This way, you’ll be able to develop your product or service more effectively.


Test your idea with a broad audience

Performing a product concept test is not a waste of time – it can help you to improve your idea. The idea is just an idea, but you must make sure that it is relevant for a wide audience. A small group of participants can give you valuable feedback about your concept. You can conduct user interviews or in-depth focus groups. It is important to keep in mind that these methods can provide inaccurate results if you ask too many questions or use too much jargon. Ideally, your test participants are average people with different backgrounds, so it’s crucial to keep a general audience in mind.


For successful product concept testing, you need to find a diverse group of people who are similar to your target audience. A sample size of 20 to 200 people is ideal when you need a large number of people to evaluate your concept within a short period of time. For example, you could try recruiting sex workers and mobile men from truck stops. This demographic would provide a better representation of your target audience and may help you develop an idea that is more appropriate for the market.


Include a price advisor

Using a Price Advisor study during a product concept test can help you determine the optimal price point for a product concept. This study shows a company how varying price points affect the concept’s sales volume. It also helps identify the optimal price point for a product concept to maximize volume. This study is especially valuable for novel innovations. Often, a professional critic is more effective at selecting the winners in niche categories than a regular moviegoer.


The price of a product concept is an important factor in its sales success. In addition to knowing if a product is valuable to a particular customer group, it can also help determine if the product is profitable. In addition to knowing how much your target customers are willing to pay, concept testing can help you figure out what features will make the product stand out among its competitors. Once you know which features are appealing to your target customers, you can create a marketing campaign that will attract customers.


Test your idea with a monadic test

There are many benefits of testing your product concept idea with a monad. For example, you can create multiple questionnaires with different concepts and then have one survey ask each concept individually. You can also preview the survey as if the respondents were taking it themselves. Once you have collected your data, you can organise your questionnaires according to the questions and stimuli. A monadic test report provides isolated feedback on your product concept ideas and helps you compare and contrast parameters among them.


Another important benefit of testing your product concept idea is that you can compare different versions side-by-side, allowing you to measure subtle differences between them. You can also drill down into specific features and benefits of each concept. However, you should be aware that the monadic test method is not very effective if your product concept idea is flawed. This is why it is important to conduct monadic tests.


Understand your customer’s needs

Understanding your customers’ needs is crucial when doing product concept testing. While a product may not meet your target market’s exact needs, you can get valuable feedback to help you improve your concept. This process may include multiple concepts, or a single product with a variety of features. Different audience segments can also give you new insights. For example, your company may have been targeting the same demographic group, but you could have chosen a different demographic to gauge their reactions. This way, you’ll know which concept works best for your target market.


The benefits of doing product concept testing are many. It is a great way to validate your marketing and design ideas early on, and it can help you avoid wasting precious resources on ineffective products. This guide will walk you through how to set up a product concept test, craft a survey, and more. It also offers real-life examples of concept tests and advice from product managers. It’s also a great way to get a real sense of how your product or service can benefit your target market.

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