Why Microwaves Catch Fire How to Use Yours Safely?


Microwave is a complex kitchen appliance that has a lot of functionalities embedded in it. There are many small and mild issues that result in a fire situation. If one is aware of the facts that can lead the microwave to fire, they would eventually use it more safely than before. Hence, this is the only possible way to deal with microwaves problems and use it safely.

If you have an old microwave that is in your house for ages, get it replaced now with one amongst the best microwave ovens in India. Using an old one has the highest risk of catching fire someday. And you don’t want yourself to be in the very bad and dangerous situation. So, it is better to eradicate them for everyone’s safety.

Thus, this article is about explaining you the facts or reasons for which microwave ovens catch fire. Follow these tips and stay safe.

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Reasons For Which Microwaves Catch Fire

1. Unwanted sparks inside the microwave oven

Sparks are very common issues that people face while they use the microwave. It is not a serious problem, but people do make it quite trouble by panicking at the moment. There is no need to panic as sparks are commonly experienced, and people need to deal it with proper knowledge.

The first cause of unwanted sparks in the microwave includes the presence of any metal scrap inside the microwave while it is powered on. Small metal scrap can cause sparks that would lead to a fire outburst if not controlled right on the spot. Without panicking at the moment, go ahead and turn off the microwave as soon as possible. Taking up fire fighting courses is very important to understand how to fight with this kind of fire incidents.

Metal scraps are usually left behind in the microwave during the cleaning process. People make use of metal wool for cleaning the inside of the microwave. So, you need to check your microwave after every cleaning session for no metal scraps present inside it before you start operating it.

The second reason for sparks in the microwave includes the use of inappropriate cookware. It can also lead to fire situations if not taken proper consideration. You need to make sure that the cookware you use is microwave preferable. If you don’t have them, then get it from the stores. But, try to never use non-microwavable cookware in the microwave ovens.

2. Power Surges & short-circuits in the oven circuit housing

Electrical appliances are vulnerable to power surges and can cause fire problems around the house. Microwaves can be tricked to accidentally turn on due to a slight power surge into the circuit, and no one would notice it unless it gives a signal. There are many parts in the microwave ovens that catches fire when overheated and it should be taken care of. 

Short circuits are also one of the most common causes of microwave ovens to catch fire. Usually, due to this, the components of the microwave shorts and catches fire. At times there is no blazing fire but just a burning smell. You need to call in assistance immediately and for the time being, turn on your kitchen chimneys to eradicate the smoke and smell. If you don’t have one, then buy one from the best kitchen chimneys in India.

Safety Tips For Using Microwave Ovens Properly Without Fire Risks

Here are some of the things that you must keep in mind to use microwave oven safely at home or office;

  • Make sure you always go through the instruction manual very properly that are provided with the microwave oven brand package.
  • Never try and heat food in cookware not meant for microwaves as it might be the main reason for a fire outbreak.
  • Before defrosting the food, ensure to remove it from the packaging. It is so because some of the packaging are not stable at high temperatures and can be the cause of fire.
  • Recycled paper products are not meant for microwave usage unless it is specified for it.
  • If you see fire breaking out in your oven, make sure to turn off the power supply immediately. The oxygen supply to the system will be turned off that will control the fire within. But you need to be alert all the time while using microwave ovens.


Keep these simple and amazing things in mind and make sure that you take all the important preventive measures to avoid such situations. Microwaves are important appliances in every house today as it makes cooking easy for the homemakers by saving them a lot of time.

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