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    When to Rent a Satellite Phone

    A satellite phone is a must-have accessory when you need to be in areas with minimal cell phone coverage. It can be excursions in the outback or other outdoor activities in remote places.

    Having a reliable sat phone number ensures that you can reach out in case of an emergency, even when you are deep in the desert or forest. Outback activities are no doubt fun, but they come with higher risks than others. Your regular mobile phone is helpless in such places.

    Other Places You Need a Sat Phone

    Buying a sat phone and keeping it in the house until you need it may not be plausible. Maybe you go on excursions only once or twice a year. In such a case, renting is a much better option.

    Sat phones do not come on the cheap, and maintaining them adds to your regular bills. They have subscriptions and plans. So why wait to only use the sat phone in summer only and incur additional and avoidable costs?

    Search and Rescue

    You will need to rent a sat phone if you are part of the search and rescue team. Sometimes, the available rescue personnel may not have the necessary equipment at the time of the emergency. The renting option comes in handy.

    Sports and Other Fun Activities

    Also, sports in remote places such as deep in the ocean or across the desert will need a sat phone for emergencies. The off-roader or ship can break down in the middle of nowhere. Without a sat phone, the adventure may turn tragic. Your bicycle can break down, and walking all the way to find a cell signal may not be reasonable.

    A satellite phone is the most crucial accessory in your survival kit when planning an adventure or a rescue mission in remote areas. If you are planning on only using the sat phone once in a while, renting is a much budget-friendly option.

    Some Sat Phones Cost More Than Others For Many Reasons

    External Characteristics

    Some customers might think that heavier satellite phones will be less expensive than lighter ones. Lighter devices were more expensive than heavier devices at different points during the history of mobile devices. 

    However, those trends were complicated during mobile device history, since mobile devices also stopped getting progressively smaller during the first decade of the twentieth century. Now, there is more or less a standard size for mobile devices. It’s unusual to see a smartphone that is substantially smaller than the phones that people will immediately recognize today. 

    Some costlier sat phone models are slightly heavier than some less expensive satellite phones. However, people also might find sat phone devices that are relatively heavy and comparatively inexpensive. 

    While satellite phones will vary in weight, the heaviest sat phone will also usually only be a few ounces heavier than the lightest one. The satellite phone’s antenna usually won’t add much weight or affect that aspect of the phone. 

    Antenna Design

    The satellite phones made with omnidirectional antennas will typically be more expensive than the satellite phones that have directional antennas instead. Those phones actually might be twice as costly as the sat phones that use the directional antennas, in fact. 

    Directional sat phone antennas will usually fold out, and omnidirectional satellite phone antennas are often retractable. A retractable antenna shouldn’t be substantially easier to use than a fold-out antenna, but it’s a design that some people might prefer. 

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